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TMR Enhance-R Plus

TMR Enhance-R® is an additive that can save you money by protecting the ingredients in your TMR and improving dry matter intake when hot and humid weather occurs.

TMR Enhance-R Plus, code 993

  • Bunk stabilizer—prevents bunk reheating during times of heat and fresh forages.
  • Enhances rumen function—research proven to enhance feed utilization.
  • Improves/maintains dry matter intake.
  • Improves/maintains milk flow and components.

TMR Enhance-R was specifically designed with a combination of ingredients that will protect your TMR mix and enhance animal performance.

  • This combination of ingredients will allow you to maintain the freshness of your TMR mix.
  • PLUS, it contains the ingredients to enhance rumen function and the digestibility of forages. And that means more PROFITS for you!
  • Research shows up to 4 lbs. more milk production

TMR Enhance-R Economics

4 lbs. milk
x $0.13 per lb. of milk ($13.00/cwt.)
= $0.52
- $0.18 cost of product
= $0.34
x 100 cows
= $34.00 per day
x 30 days
= $1020.00 extra income per month
Research March 2001, 35 day trial, 7 day pre-test period, 12 day test period, 7 day post-test period. Test consisted of 467 cows, 4 TMR groups.

Forage: Corn silage and alfalfa haylage.

Grain: High moisture corn and custom protein.

Dry Matter Intake Butter Fat Protein Milk Response